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And I think that thefake-out will happen probably between the 10th February and eh, after all, we're fairly near about the particular, you know, in case, whether it'd be the 11th or 12th. I think what happened earlier almost certainly, you realize, between the ninth and also the 11th is when we all receive out our fake after which we get our drop.

Thus guys, that is how I see it playing out. Again, these diverse charts, you know, they all do reveal you distinct, diverse things. This, this, uh, purple ring right here. I see there is a purple lineup inside the channel. This basically was at that fib retracement I showed you right here. This 1, we receive that perfect rejection.

Who was this specific graph? You understand, he came , you know, this lineup was support. Each one of these graphs, you know, give you an idea of support. This was support. This was encourage and immunity. This told you this lineup was service. This chart directly here, this is the only one that I said once I predicted we were definitely going to have a pump.

You could tell how much of a function exhibited as support and resistance moving way back. Thus yet again, guys, you know, that is the way I knew this was the bottom until we began having a pump, because we're moving that ring. That really was lots of support and that's why I said we're definitely going to be more moving upward, however I do genuinely believe this is a imitation out guys.

This really is going to be , that is the mother of fake outs. It is really a bull trap. I think we can get yourself a laid out right here. Yet another thing I'd love to reveal you, when you bust out the, uh, let us go towards the one afternoon and let's put about the, uh, I understand that you guys are most likely shocked to watch me personally, uh, show a moving average. But listen.

I mean, I'm letting you know personally, not, directly back here. This, this is an additional index to reveal me this this isthis is a imitation out also this is when they are definitely going to market. You know, if you come up and also you use the average, no more . The following between all, trigger we were above this for a short time. Folks obtained bullets. We had been all above the 200 Mia.

But look what happened. We fell right down again. A few people think only because we are above a moving ordinary that you simply know, we are in a bull rush, we're going to really go higher. But in the event that you step , you realize that's, that's 13.8percent you step up here, look at that 13.6% therefore we've been above , so elevated earlier, also when we shirt out , I am telling you that, look in any respect this resistance and support, guys, this is plenty of resistance.